*** We are suspending in person gatherings for now. ***

This is based on the newly released guidelines of the President, the CDC, and Dare County. The COVID-19 guidelines have been put in place to slow the spread of the disease.  We feel it is both wise and responsible to adhere to these.  It is also a directive of God’s word that we comply with the governing authorities because this is submission to God (Romans 13:1-7).

What this will mean is:
-          No worship gatherings or events at the church building.
-          No gatherings of community groups.
-          We’ll provide an update on this after April 29.

We will continue to provide weekly teaching as follows:
-          A teaching video will be livestreamed on Facebook and YouTubeon Sunday mornings at 10am.
-          It will continue in our series through the book of John.

We would also encourage the following:
-          Please stay in contact with one another through phone, text, or other appropriate means.
-          Please reach out to me or any of the elders as needed.

A few perspectives we would like to share:

-          Changes in routine are opportunities to grow.
-          We are the church because of Jesus, not because of where and when we meet.
-          God grows us through all circumstances; sometimes most noticeably through what seems most difficult.

Being confident in Jesus Christ in the middle of so much collective alarm, is the testimony of life in Him to your family, friends, and neighbors.


Becoming One

Through this series we’ll go beginning to end in the Gospel of John looking at God’s desire to bring unity among His people, while exploring the dimensions of sin which separate people from God and each other.

Expectations (John 6:1-21) - 2/23/2020

Reactions (John 6:22-71) - 3/1/2020

Appearances (John 7:1-36) - 3/8/2020

Divisions (John 7:37-8:1) - 3/15/2020

Relationship (John 8:2-30) - 3/22/2020

Family (John 8:31-59) - 3/29/2020

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