We meet together each Sunday.
If you are unable to come in-person,you can watch the recording
of the most recent gathering, which is posted Sunday evenings.

Our schedule for gathering is as follows:

9:00 | Breakfast               
10:00 | Worship Gathering             


SING. We have been designed to worship God through all that we do. Singing is one way we enter into worship together.

PRAY. People were made to have a personal relationship with God. Prayer is an act of submission to God and  expresses our dependence on Him.

GIVE. God is the creator, owner, and provider of all things. Giving back to God from what He's given us acknowledges this.

HEAR. God gave us His word so we can know the truth. Hearing God's word and applying it to our lives changes us to think and act more like Jesus.

TAKE. Christ died for us so that we can live with Him. We take communion to remember His death and resurrection, as we also look forward to His return.

(Communion is observed the first Sunday of each month)